Development of Samples Pre-production

At Easy Imex we are passionate about getting the sample right via our Quality Assurance process. We know that its imperative to iron out every problem at the ‘sample stage’ to ensure that problems are not mass produced in production.

The product specifications, how the product assembles, the instructions, packaging and general customer experience all need to be developed, finalized and recorded before placing a production order to the China manufacture.

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Quality Assurance to Avoid Any Product Issues

Many business who import from China often rely on the China manufacture to Quality Assure products before production and have learnt the hard way that no amount of Quality Control at the end of production can correct fundamental design issues & silly mistakes.

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Our Quality Control Inspections

  • Professional Quality Assurance Our Team of QA experts oversee and sign off on every new product specification, assembly, instructions, packaging and general user experience.

  • Scale your business If your business is wanting to make repeat purchases from China, maybe from multiple manufactures, good quality assurance and sampling are essential. Easy Imex ensures all elements of your products are spot on before your first order arrives.

  • Efficient – With our on the ground team in China, we can manage the product development in the most efficient and professional manner, whether that’s physically checking samples in our Shanghai office or visiting the manufacture to check, develop and sign off samples.

  • Problem Solving & Communication – Any importer who has worked with a Chinese manufacture will know this can be immensely challenging. Our professional & bilingual team understand ‘export/western standards’ and will direct manufactures to overcome challenges.

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