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Our Product to Market Process allows any individual or company to import from China in a cost-effective, compliant and hassle-free way. No matter which service package you choose, our one-stop services follow a consistent and experienced process that Easy Imex has applied and optimized during our 15 years of existence.

China Sourcing Process & Fees
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Three Service Packages to Meet Your Needs

Product Development

  • Recommended for developing new product concepts from scratch
  • Unlimited products sourcing
  • ✓ Quality Assurance & Sampling
  • Quality control cost upon import volume
  • ✕ Non-eligible for credit facility

Sourcing Package

  • Recommended for importing less than 200K USD per year
  • Up to 20 products
  • ✓ Quality Assurance & Sampling
  • Quality control cost upon import volume
  • ✕ Non-eligible for credit facility

Premium Sourcing Package

  • Recommended for importing repeat orders over 200K USD per year
  • Unlimited products sourcing
  • ✓ Quality Assurance & Sampling
  • ✓ Free quality control
  • ✓ Eligible for credit facility

Frequently Asked Questions

No, all three packages available are geared to take our customers product from A-Z, from sourcing to delivering the product to your door or what we call ”Product to Market” process.

Not a problem, Easy Imex can take over, or manage your supplier, however our fees remain the same in this scenario.

Easy Imex has built up a highly experienced team and developed processes with the simple aim of adding value. Our services are focused on getting the best possible price for the right quality, as well as, taking away the time and hassle to source and develop new products.

In simple terms, this is what we charge for our time before placing an order for mass production. Sourcing the right manufacture, comparing the market, developing and signing off on a final sample, all typically takes between 2 weeks to 2 months.

At Easy Imex we know that good results require a lot of work and diligence pre production and frankly, we can not do this level of work for free for any business that wants the benefits of the services Easy Imex offers.

No! For our Basic Sourcing Package, we charge $499 PER YEAR, not per product. For 12 months we will source and develop up to 20 products for you!

Under our Premium Sourcing we charge an annual fee of $1499 and for this we will put no limit on the number of products we source and develop for you.

If you’re a start up, small company or if your business only requires a handful of products and you’re importing less than $200,000 USD per year, then the Basic Sourcing is for you!

If your business either requires sourcing/development for more than 20 products and/or you’re looking to import more than $200,000 per year then we recommend the Premium Sourcing. While there is a higher upfront fee, there is no Quality Control charge for Pre Shipment Inspections and no limit placed on your product sourcing requirements.

This is a common misconception. For various reasons, Easy Imex can often supply a lower price to a customer, our on the ground team are highly experienced at negotiating with Chinese manufactures, can purchase in RMB, source manufactures who do not have an export license or an English-speaking sales department, and as such we have more/different choices to buy from.

Finding a supplier that can meet on both price and quality requirements, understanding what your business needs and delivering the results, ongoing re-sourcing, vendor & inventory managements, purchasing contracts exchange rate fluctuations and generally establishing and managing your China supply chain. Easy Imex acts as a buying office for your business fighting for YOUR interests in China.

If we do not feel that China is the optimal place to have your product produced, we will let you know from the outset. We are confident in our team to get the best results; if we cannot keep our promise then we are happy to offer a refund of the initial fee.

Easy Imex has been established for over 15 years, backed up by various sources on the internet, including the age of some of our YouTube videos. On this channel you can also see various business giving testimonials. If you’re new to working with China, we welcome you to visit us in Shanghai and we are also happy to provide references.

Easy Imex works exclusively with manufactures based in mainland China. We work with manufactures all over China. These can be small factories from 10 people, to state owned & stock market listed manufactures employing 20,000 people or more.

Sourcing done ‘badly’ can be done in less than 30 seconds with a quick Google/Alibaba search. Our process requires that Easy Imex staff take various steps in our sourcing process. Typically, sourcing can take us around two weeks. If we are also developing and Quality Assuring the sample before production, then expect anything from 2 weeks to 2 months before we can go into production.

You may only request for a refund IF Easy Imex has not found a price which is 3% cheaper than what you initially had for the same product and specifications.

From the point an order is placed, typically it will take a manufacture 30 days to produce (a lead-time of 30 days) once finished, Easy Imex then needs to carry out a Pre Shipment Inspection Quality Check.

From there, we then will arrange the export of your order. From placing an order to shipping typically is around 5 weeks.

Depending on where you are in the world, shipping to your local port from most major ports in China can take between 2 – 6 weeks ‘on the water’.

Finally, once the goods arrive in your country, they will have to clear customs before being delivered. This can take anything from 1 – 2 weeks.

As such, a collective time scale from placing your order to receiving stock can be anything from 8 – 14 weeks.

China Sourcing – Why Easy Imex?

Product Sourcing in China using a professional agent to source the best manufacture for you.

  • Hands On – Our on the ground presence in China means our team can of verify ‘who is who and separate ‘the good from the bad’ enabling your business to make intelligent Sourcing Decisions.

  • Source Factories You Can’t Find – 70% of products we export are not listed or other English speaking websites. As one example, many factories will only attend trade shows in China for their industry. Often, these are some of the best manufactures in their field.

  • 132 Years of Experience – Whilst Easy Imex has been established since 2005, our team of sourcing professionals has a combined experience of 132 years!

  • Save Time & Avoid Mistakes – Sourcing in the right region, understanding different specification and materials, knowing how & when to get the best price from a potential manufacture are just a few of the considerations we make at Easy Imex to save our customers time and from avoiding any unnecessary pitfalls along the way.

  • $180 USD Million – Worth of products successfully sourced & exported from China, by Easy Imex.

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