Reducing Risk of Manufacturing in China Via Quality Control

Importing from China is like a one way street, goods are exported, but even if there are major quality issues, they can’t be imported back into China.

This means, any ‘quality mistake’ the factory has made, you (the importer) are going to be stuck with it. So the right time to discover ANY quality issues is while the goods are still at the factory in China. If you catch the problem here, your chance of resolving the issue is high and this can save your business money.

This is why, quality control on any and every shipment is a must for any business importing from China.

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When businesses import from China, many are often worried about the associated risks of importing. The vast majority of these risks can be drastically reduced to almost nothing by employing the correct Quality Control methods in the first place.

Importing from China without any form of Quality Control is like playing Russian Roulette with your business” – Adam Gilbourne CEO

Our Quality Control Inspections

  • Quality Assurance – We check product, assembly, packaging, instruction manual BEFORE production to ensure mistakes are not mass produced.

  • Factory Audits – We audit the manufacture for production, social & ethical standards.

  • Mid Production Inspections – We know there’s no point to wait until the end of production to find issues. Easy Imex carries out inspections mid production to make sure material & production are to agreed specifications.

  • Pre Shipment Inspections – Following agreed AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) standards, we check a percentage of the batch and give a clear pass/fail on the shipment.

  • Online Inspections – If required, our quality team can be on the factory floor every single day or your production.

  • Containers Load Inspections – Ensure that the correct goods and the correct quantity are loaded into the container in a correct and safe manner.

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