Meet Your Suppliers in China

Face to face meetings with your China supplier can be invaluable to your business. Greater communication, developing & building relationships, building a common understanding can often lead to great successes.

At Easy Imex, there are various ways that we can either assist our customers with their trips to China, or if your unable to travel, as your buying office we can do these on your behalf, here’s how:

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Build a Relationship with Your Chinese Manufacturers

Getting out to manufactures and seeing first hand the production, machinery, people and of course the real output from the factory gives you information that is impossible to evaluate on any website.

At Easy Imex, we are highly experienced at arranging factory tours both with and without our importers being in China.

If you’re here, we will look to maximize your time, provide an efficient itinerary so you can see the most number of manufactures possible on your factory tour.

Attending trade shows in China is a great way to see many China manufactures in a short amount of time, speaking with the management and of course looking at their product.

Easy Imex frequently attends industry specific trade shows, such as the China International Furniture Fair as well as generic trade shows such as the Canton Fair. We do these both with and without our importers.

China trade shows are a great way to source new suppliers, meet existing suppliers and generally keep a pulse on how the industry is going, there is always something new and trade shows are where you see it first!

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