Listen What Our Clients Say

Since 2005, Easy Imex has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world. We believe that importing from China through a sourcing agent as Easy Imex is not possible without transmitting a feeling of transparency, credibility and compliance. Hence, we are always keen to share with you testimonials, case studies and references from previous clients for you to make the final decision.

Nursery Industry – Little Green Sheep

Little Green Sheep is a brand that operates within the nursery industry. The British company develops and sources products that sell into some of the UK’s and Europe’s largest retailers.

We see Easy Imex as an extension to our business out in China looking out for interest on the ground day-in-day-out, going out to the factories making sure that the relationship is upheld, and smoothing out the supply chain to ensure that any risks are mitigated so we can crack on with business in the UK. – Paul Maurice

Real Estate Industry – Burns & Co

Burns & Co is an Australian company specialised in real estate sales and professional property management services. The company has grown to develop one of the most diverse and progressive real estate agency models in Australia.

“Easy Imex breaks down the barrier between us and China. If you’re going to import from China, you need someone between you and the factory to make sure that you are getting the product you want and that you are paying the right price for that product. To do it alone would be a disaster for us.” – Scott Burns

Pet Products Industry – Poly Welded Solutions

Alan Bish is the founder of Flee Free Dog Beds. Flee Free Dog Beds are a premium dog bed sold to top pet supplies retailers throughout Australia.

Easy has been the key to the door. When you try to enter a new country and new culture it’s always hard to find the right relationships that you can trust. Easy Imex allowed us to find and qualify suitable partners that we could move forward together in a productive way. – Alan Bish

Top UK Amazon Seller – HRH Hill

Ian Hill is a top UK Amazon and eBay supplier within his product category.

“We were looking at a 5 percent defect rate before working with Easy Imex. Today it’s at probably half a percent. Because of the help you’ve given us, in the space of 2 years we’ve tripled the business.”Ian Hill

Construction Material Industry – Stack Slat

Stack Slat is an Australian company that sells comprehensive, high quality, aluminium slat modular systems that can be applied in many applications, for example: shop panels, gates, posts, fencing, etc.