Purchase from China in the Right Way.

Purchasing correctly can lead to great rewards for your business. Do it wrong, and you leave your business wide open to negligence & abuse! When it comes to purchasing, at Easy Imex we ensure that we are only purchasing direct from manufactures we have verified.

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Buy Direct from China Safely

As a buying office our approach is to make sure that we have maximum control over the supply chain in order to deliver results for our customers who are importing from China.


Purchasing with Easy Imex

  • Easy Imex has purchased over $180,000,000 USD over a 15 year period from Chinese manufactures.

  • Easy Imex purchases in bilingual contracts, all valid under Chinese Law and according to our terms, to products our customers.

  • Easy Imex purchase contracts that hold suppliers accountable for product specifications and terms.

  • We can purchase from manufactures in CNY as well as USD – often meaning lower prices from manufactures.

  • Buy direct from China with all the benefits, while at the same time mitigating all the risks associated with importing from China.

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